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far away to help. >> yeah. i don't want to get into second-guessing his actions. >> you're right. >> and whether this photo resulted from some willy nilly wile to snap at the sub waib driver but whatever he says. >> c acallie, let me get back d you. why have so many networks, television stations, networks run it again and again and again. seems like since the "new york post" went first, everybody else is cashing in on the drama of the moment. >> listen. all those people you just cited would run pictures of people leaping out of the world trade centers, too, if they weren't prevented. i mean i em not taking away the crass popularity or just people being drawn to it. it's a compelling photo for that reason. my question is did it have to be on the cover? i don't think so. if you really think you need to show your consumers this, put it somewhere on the web and make me work for it if way tonight see it. i have a problem with that but guile there. i did not think that had to be on the cover. that's a judgment call that i think they aired on, that didn't have to be there. >> that's wha
, this is completely neutral. from what i see, it is a very standard action revenge movie. it begins with a horrible insult. it ends with payback. at the same time, it's done in a very cool, if not icy objective style. there's no attempt to make the torture seem anything other than it is, which is ugly and brutal. there is no attempt to soft pedal or glorify. the s.e.a.l.s. put extra bullets into people who aren't even armed. it seems to me despite their protest to the country, there's no way you can interpret this as a movie that is anything but means justifying ends ugly as they are. guy did something bad to us and we got him. >> aside from the message of the movie and it has genuinely gotten good reviews. does it have the sin macinemati elements of good movie making? >> it's not a documentary, it's a movie. the reason we're having this conversation is they have said, they have claimed that it is a form of journalism. therefore it can be judged as a form of journalism. >> is your view influenced by the fact that you were unpaid by the film. they asked me to come and critique it and i did and i sai
that investigators are now trying to piece together the gunman's actions in the days before the shootings. looking at surveillance video from places he may have visited. all of this unfolding, even as we speak right now. meanwhile, the connecticut governor dan malloy a familiar face. this morning, he spoke to our own candy crowley on cnn's "state of the union." candy joining us with more on that. candy? >> wolf, the governor did say, in fact, that the shooter did blast his way into that building, as we know, by now. there was a bell. you had to be rung into the building from the inside. but he, instead, used that semiautomatic to blast his way into the building. he also talked about how investigators are looking at how these guns are purchased. they know they were purchased by the mother. he mentioned that -- did she allow her son use of them even prior to the day he took them and went into that elementary school. but there's also very personal side of this interview and saw the governor very much with tears his eyes when i asked him about that time when he had to tell those parents gathered at th
a lot of talk and very little action covering a fiscal cliff showdown here in washington. as the rhetorical war shifted from the white house to baltalfield, president obama took the rare step of granting an interview to "meet the press" which took place this morning. >> you signed the legislation setting up the legislation 17 months ago. how accountable are you for the fact that washington can't get anything done and we're at this deadline, again? >> i have to tell you, david. if you look at my track record over the last two years, i cut spending by over $1 trillion in 2011. >> joining us now to examine the david gregory interview and the coverage of this fiscal cliff showdown. bob cusack manager of "the hill." what does it say about the state of the budgetary wars that president obama chose to go on a sunday talk show. >> he is doing this interview why congress is trying to do it. very critical of congress and i think this interview wasn't exactly combative. he challenged him on it. >> who challenged who? >> david gregory challenged obama on some points but made $1 trill
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)

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